02 décembre 2007

1st December-the long raining night

It has rained for 24 hours now. After panic and interrogation, the last floor of the building is evacuated. All clothes and stuffed are moved to the 3rd floor. People will sleep where they can.
Rain is infiltrating in all rooms. Ceiling in all room are completely wet and water is dropping all around.


We covered in every rooms with tarpaulins in emergency.


Who knows how long this can last before the building starts to rot from inside.

The owner is deliberately making the building unsanitary, so that he can get the rooms back. The building was reviewed by the state building agency, but we are still leaving without roof and without appropriate protection against rain and snow. Our only hope is that the owner is compelled to pay so hudge a fine that he builds something back. But trials can be stood for weeks and the rain is now performing its work....

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  • oh my God !

    (my english is so gooooood)

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